Business & Logistic Park

A gateway project to the new industrial area of the city that integrated urban life parallel to all business needs.

A Business Park or Office Park is an area in a city, primarily with office buildings and related functions viz. hotels, convention centers, etc. grouped together.
ESP provides solutions for this type of Economic Hubs in a city that will help Cities to create a new Global Image.


The entire planning of the Park revolves around a Mass Transit System, that connects all the function.

In this modern age of logistics, businesses are under pressure to reduce logistics costs and improve serviceability. All these requirements have put tremendous pressure on stand alone warehouses. The modern Logistics Park offers many features to meet new warehousing requirements.

ESP’s design team offers an integrated design and planning solutions. The functions include warehouses, business centers, exhibition pavilions, office spaces, hospitality, etc., which are integrated with transportation system – road, rail, sea and air to make a world class destination for logistics sector.