• Our dedicated team is characterized by highly qualified professionals like urban planners, environmentalists, economists, sociologists, engineers and architects. They have extensive national and international experience in Public and Private Sectors. Our team guarantees international standards in work and the introduction of a host of innovative planning and design ideas into the projects we are working on.


    Anant Abhang
    Anant Abhang, Chairman
    B.E. (Mechanical),
    M.M.S. (Master of Management Science)

    Anant Abhang has 38 years of extensive experience in diverse fields like planning, project management, industry, education and training. He has also worked in the field of rural development. His building construction works have won various recognitions and awards that include AESA award (1997 & 2009) for both residential and institutional projects. He is an expert on entrepreneurship and leadership development. He has been business consultant to many firms.

    He has evolved a unique Sustainable Development Model of ‘Decentralized Urbanization at 1000 Green Industries Cities in India’ and established a Think Tank on this subject. ;

    Rahul Nawle
    Rahul Nawle,Managing Director
    M.Arch (Urban Design),
    EPM (Environmental Planning & Management)

    Rahul Nawle (IGBC AP & ULI Asso. Member), has a wide international experience in the field of urban design, urban and regional planning, environmental planning and landscape architecture. He has worked with various international firms and government institutions in Asia (viz. India, Bhutan, Hong Kong and Shanghai). His major expertise is sustainable development. He has been advising on major projects pertaining to sustainable and environmental issues and strategy formulation.

    He is successful in coupling his analytical skills with design ideas in deriving innovative design and planning solutions


    Rahul Nawle has actively participated through various Urban Planning Firms in following projects across Asia mentioned in the website.